• Neuer Beitrag im Blog: Bye bye Garmin Forerunner #running #watch

  • Tempting!

  • Dinkelbrot - diesmal scheint es perfekt zu gelingen! 🥖

  • Finde den Fehler! 😯

  • Hello Feedbin

    Just subscribed to @feedbin for the next 12 months. I switched from the cheaper @FeedWrangler, because Feedbin is still in development and gets support. The web-interface of Feedbin is great to use in combination with Fluid.

    I never thought that I read RSS on my laptop again. And of course @unread_app and @fieryfeeds on the iPhone.

    I was a long term FeedWrangler user (back when it started after the Google Reader sunset) but the platform never got any exciting new features and the web interface was horrible, even today the website says 2013. Since I prefer indie developers @benubois gets my money.

    Even if you think RSS is dead, no it’s not – for me! It’s still the best reading experience for me were I can decide which things I read and in which order!

  • 25 minutes until some great (hopefully) DYI breakfast bakery 🥞

  • If you also have problems after updating #pihole to version 3.3 have a look at this thread. TL;DR dnsmasq on Raspbian is to old

  • Internet outage since 6PM. Thought that this would be a change to get productive with many things. Sadly…

    • my new RAW development app needs internet access for first time usage
    • tax preparation, download tax infos

    So I’ll now read a offline book which is quite a nice solution!

  • I created a @agiletortoise Drafts 4 action with many steps to post to my Github repo via @Git2Go and let Netlify build my Hugo blog. Ladder one, the commit is done manually. Seems like I’ve to much free time 🤗

  • Found some time today to fix my Service-Worker on the blog. Couldn’t test this locally but it seems like that this is working now. Caching posts and images and delivering it from there. #PWA How do you handle images with service-workers?

  • Fiery Feeds my RSS Reader of choice for consuming multiple feeds easily got a huge upgrade with version 2.0 today! Give it a try, but be aware! Power-user features!

  • A Letter About Google AMP

    We are a community of individuals who have a significant interest in the development and health of the World Wide Web (“the Web”), and we are deeply concerned about Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”), a Google project that purportedly seeks to improve the user experience of the Web.

    In fact, AMP keeps users within Google’s domain and diverts traffic away from other websites for the benefit of Google. At a scale of billions of users, this has the effect of further reinforcing Google’s dominance of the Web.

    A letter about Google AMP

  • Is it possible to send tasks in Mindnode to @todoist on Mac or iPhone? Things is possible as what I’ve seen so far but I’m curious if my favorite task manager is supported as well?

  • On my way to northern Germany for the rest of this week. Still amazing every time to sit relaxed in a train and enjoy those speeds.

  • If the web is a river, Micro.blog is water, where Twitter and Facebook are dams.

    Great article! Why Micro.blog is Not Another App.net

  • Fluid wieder ausgegraben, selten genutzt. Für Brain.fm am Mac aber bestens geeignet!

  • Frisch mitgebracht auf Grund @schlingel Empfehlung in der #BuS. Schau mer mal 😀

  • Web Trend Map 2018 – iA

    The most important ingredient for a Web Trend Map is missing: The Web. Time to bring some of it back.

    iA nailed it. I currently write on my own site and micro.blog. Currently my time is really short because of loads of projects, on both parties. But I’m already on the way to sort some things out.

  • 12 Monate, jeden Tag in 2017 das Aktivitätsziel der #Watch erreicht. Apple sollte unbedingt ein Jahres Achievement einführen! #wishes

  • December 28th 2017 - Apple Watch January 2018 achievement unlocked! #onlyApple

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