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Lesestoff auf der Heimfahrt und die nächsten Tage. #running #reading

On my way to northern Germany again for a short trip. Packed my Arcido Faroe for 3 days and it surprises me everytime I pack it up.

It is really a thing of beauty. But I won’t pay 1200€ for this thing this year. Maybe next year when my 6S isn’t usable anymore. Notes: there is a FaceID demo on the store displays. Played with it and it was reliable from nearly every position. Side note: lighting conditions were perfect. First time I would choose the white version of an iPhone because the front is black as it should be.

Need workout some more…

My Pick for today is Headset App for Mac. Plays audio since hours from YouTube via Reddit’s /r/chillstep (my decision) channel

I searched for a bug in my #Webmention Javascript for over an hour and the final bugfix was a simple _.classList.remove(„hidden“);_ It worked before and I haven't changed anything on this code for ages. (proof via git commits!), however I additionally fixed some minor bugs as well with empty link-activities like medium posts. #indieweb

Happy Halloween 🎃

This #dotfiles thing is hard to miss as a nerd. I already started and created some basic things.

I created a Keybase private Git repo for versioning. The Git integration that the team has made is pretty good so far.

The more I look into different dotfile solutions, the more ideas I get what could be included in my dotfiles. However, I won’t just copy&paste code from others, because this way I won’t understand what an alias, function or whatever does the way I want it. For inspiration the Github Dotfiles page is a great start for me.

P.S. This is my first post with a title, written in the Mac app, which I really like.

The iOS and Mac app for are a great start, especially that both have low version numbers. But every time I start the app I imagine how great it would be if @Riposte or one of the other great ADN apps would exist for m.b.

If I understand m.b. right I can add as many RSS feeds I publish on as I want to, and all will sum up nicely here. Let’s try this.

Every time I visit the Indieweb Wiki I find something new and often things I really never heard of. Feels like I still just touched the surface of this whole #OwnYourContent and #Indieweb thing.

I stumbled across some older blog posts that had images hosted on Lightroom got me covered. #OwnYourContent #indieweb

This is the only good looking option to me for the “red dot” Apple Watch. Pardon, it looks bold! Everything else looks strange. was always on my radar in the past months and years. Keybase Teams is a huge step ahead. I don’t have a use case yet, but maybe some day.

Note to self: Create a full (encrypted) iTunes backup before updating to iOS11 today. This also answers the question that I didn’t had the courage to update to the GM a few days ago.

Tempted to install the GM of iOS 11 on my main iPhone. Should I?

It’s getting colder in the morning. 6°C today but perfect sunrise. Threshold #run

Vegane Linsenbolognese mit Spaghetti

Was man halt so macht wenn Frau&Kind nicht im Haus sind 😀 Darf man Bolognese eigentlich zubereiten ohne dabei ein Glas Rotwein zu trinken?!? #food #vegan #pasta

Sunday long run. #silence #earlybird #morningrun

Short test run :-) #running #sceneonmyrun #vibramfivefingers #vibram #gyroscope