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Ich sollte wohl etwas langsamer machen diese Woche. @runalyzeDE sagt 3 Tage. #laufen

Today I added more social #indieweb support to my site. Now also #Flickr and #Instagram is included. Had to disable OwnYourGram, it wasn’t reliable and missed loads of photos to publish. Now try it in another way and when I write a blog post with a photo I also post on Instagram I’’ set a syndication link to the post as well.

Neuer Blog Post: Mein erster Mountainbike Trail mit Komoot

Mountainbike Fun - Single Trail Augsburg/Lech

Vorletzter Urlaubstag – Kleine MTB-Tour (38km) mit ein paar Single-Trails geplant. Das erste Mal mit @komoot, nun zieht hier ein Gewitter auf kurz vor dem Start.

Dank #BreakingBad entdeckt: DLZ – TV On The Radio

47 BPM resting heart rate during sleep is a new low for me! #running

Neuer Blog Post: Breaking Bad – Die Dritte #tvshow #netflix

Thinking about building a page on my blog that collects and shows all #Webmentions that are not specific to a post, like a mention on Twitter to a tweet, etc. collects this type of mentions. How other #Indieweb people handle this?

6x3 min Hard runs on the track. #running #instarun #trackrunning #runningformula

Neuer Blog Beitrag: Mein Laufdaten Workflow mit der Apple Watch #running

Great statement from @dreamhost “We fight for the users

Working and now also proper display of Webmentions! Proof:… #indieweb

The search for a proper RSS “Sync-service” has begun. Is @feedwrangler still actively developed? Seems a bit out-dated to me. This would be my first choice for a paid RSS service.

Sadly no long run today. Plan was a long run, but didn’t felt that good, so just easy 7km.

Nice app that does exactly one thing. Shares your location with people for a predefined amount of time. „Shareloc: Location Sharing“ and it’s free!

Wedge time! #mizunogolf #golf #golfstagram #6010

Cruise Intervals 4x1M - rainy, windy Perfect time for new records!!

Ich habe mal über mein aktuelles “Experiment” gebloggt. Weniger Social Media, mehr Mensch #blog

I’m curios if the #Indieweb updates behind the scenes on my blog will really bring the “Owning your content” thing to visibility.