• Merry Christmas to the microblogging community! Wish you all the best!

  • Congrats @manton to the [official launch] (http://www.manton.org/2017/12/major-update-to-micro-blog-today.html) of micro.blog

  • Nearly a quarter of all DNS requests are „pi-holed” currently at home. Thats a bunch of requests. #pihole

  • So ein Wetter und ich habe keine passenden Laufschuhe für diese Bedingungen! #running Empfehlungen? @admartinator 😀

  • Heute in lang/lang unterwegs bei gefühlten -8°C. Dafür hatte ich alle Wege für mich, keiner hat sich auf die Straße getraut. #running

  • Tycho - Epoch is playing nearly non-stop during work in the evening. Grab a good headphone, some work, hit play!

  • Seems like I’m not the only one with this issue. BluetoothHR chest strap disconnects when leaving the settings screen. Not usable currently. discussions.apple.com

  • It’s that time of the year again.

  • Ich glaube das wird dieses Jahr eng mit den geplanten 1500km. #runalyze #running

  • Good Morning!

  • Lesestoff auf der Heimfahrt und die nächsten Tage. #running #reading

  • On my way to northern Germany again for a short trip. Packed my Arcido Faroe for 3 days and it surprises me everytime I pack it up.

  • iPhone X – not this year for me

    It is really a thing of beauty. But I won’t pay 1200€ for this thing this year. Maybe next year when my 6S isn’t usable anymore. Notes: there is a FaceID demo on the store displays. Played with it and it was reliable from nearly every position. Side note: lighting conditions were perfect. First time I would choose the white version of an iPhone because the front is black as it should be.

  • Need workout some more…

  • My Pick for today is Headset App for Mac. Plays audio since hours from YouTube via Reddit’s /r/chillstep (my decision) channel

  • I searched for a bug in my #Webmention Javascript for over an hour and the final bugfix was a simple _.classList.remove(„hidden“);_ It worked before and I haven't changed anything on this code for ages. (proof via git commits!), however I additionally fixed some minor bugs as well with empty link-activities like medium posts. #indieweb

  • Happy Halloween 🎃

  • Getting started with dotfiles

    This #dotfiles thing is hard to miss as a nerd. I already started and created some basic things.

    I created a Keybase private Git repo for versioning. The Git integration that the Keybase.io team has made is pretty good so far.

    The more I look into different dotfile solutions, the more ideas I get what could be included in my dotfiles. However, I won’t just copy&paste code from others, because this way I won’t understand what an alias, function or whatever does the way I want it. For inspiration the Github Dotfiles page is a great start for me.

    P.S. This is my first Micro.blog post with a title, written in the Mac app, which I really like.

  • The iOS and Mac app for Micro.blog are a great start, especially that both have low version numbers. But every time I start the app I imagine how great it would be if @Riposte or one of the other great ADN apps would exist for m.b.

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